Questions about the 9/11 attacks? 9/11 Truth Movement? – 911Truth.Org

18 May

The 9/11 events and the anomalies in the official story raised Unanswered Questions about:

the unprecedented failure of the US air defense system on the morning of the attacks;

the AWOL military chain of command during the actual attacks, including the inexplicable behavior of the presidential entourage;

the seeming impossibility of official claims with regard to Flight 77;

the evidence that Flight 93 was shot down;

contradictions and dubious evidence in the official claims about the alleged hijackers and masterminds, and doubts about their real identities;

signs that the alleged hijackers enjoyed high-level protection against discovery by honest investigators;

evidence that the alleged hijackers were financed by states allied with US intelligence;

suspicious and massive international financial trades suggesting foreknowledge of the attacks;

widespread signs of official foreknowledge and, in fact, advance preparation for the 9/11 attack scenario;

the long-running links between Islamist fundamentalist terror cells and US covert operations, dating back to CIA support for the anti-Soviet mujahedeen and Osama Bin Ladin himself;

the demolition-like collapse of the Twin Towers and of a third skyscraper, WTC 7;

and questions concerning who could have logically expected to derive benefit in the aftermath of a massive attack on the United States.

via Questions about the 9/11 attacks? 9/11 Truth Movement? – 911Truth.Org.


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