Writing Is Not Blogging

25 May


So, what is the difference between writing and blogging, and how can that change readers’ habits?

Writing for print publication and blogging both depend on fundamentally interesting, well-written content as a basis for success.  What sets blogging apart is the degree to which a blogger can create and control their own follow through, rather than depend on a publisher’s marketing department and critics for promotion, and the blogger’s opportunity to interact directly and promptly with readers.

Blogging takes great writing and then enhances it for several purposes:  first, to implicitly promote itself on the Internet by optimizing the content to rate highly on search engines, second, to make your writing an even greater resource to readers by linking to valuable related content, and finally by inviting direct and nearly real time engagement with your readers.

This is where many print writers utterly fail to become bloggers – they simply post material written in their usual print style for stand-alone, one-way consumption by readers, and make no effort whatsoever to leverage the context of the Internet.

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