Beating the odds

26 May

It was yet another moment of glory added to long-distance runner Lucy Kabuu’s basket when she recently won the TCS Bangalore World 10K Run in the women’s category with a new course record of 31.48.

The young Kenyan athlete spoke to Metrolife about her love for running, experiences in Bangalore and how she stays in shape.

Though her interest in running blossomed at quite an early age, it wasn’t before her late teens that she started pursuing it seriously.

“There was a teacher in Kenya who saw potential in me to be a runner even though I wanted to be a footballer. He told me that I have the talent and nurtured it right up to the point that I left for Japan. That chapter happened thanks to a neighbour named John Kanyi, who helped me get an athletic scholarship there,” she recalled, adding that she ran for the Suzuki Track and Field Club for a long time before returning to Kenya.

When asked if this is her dream job, she laughed and said that while there’s a lot of hard work required, running is what makes her happy.

“When I’m running, I only think of how much I want to win. Even when I know I need to train, I can easily put my mind to it and stay motivated,” she said.

Elaborating her fitness regimen, she added, “I don’t look at dieting too much but train actively to improve my speed, endurance and stamina. I like to mix it up and also hit the gym sometimes.”

In India, Lucy has become a familiar name at the international running events, especially after placing third in the Delhi Half Marathon (2013) and fourth in the Bangalore World 10K Run (2013).

via Beating the odds.


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