Muslims are not a minority: Najma Heptulla !!!!!

3 Jun

Najma Heptulla, the new minority affairs minister in the Modi government, surely kicked up a hornets’ nest when she said it would not be right to term Muslims as minorities. She said her ministry was not a Muslim affairs ministry. Her exact quote runs thus, according to Mint: “This is not a ministry for Muslim affairs, but ministry of minority affairs. Muslims are not a minority. In fact, the Parsis are a minority and their number is dwindling. They need help so that do not diminish.”What she said was right, but politically unwise, for it left people wondering whether she was trying to align her views with that of the BJP and whether the new government has a hidden agenda on Muslims.At the outset, let us be clear that what Heptulla said was on the same lines as her grand uncle Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Education Minister in Nehru’s cabinet. He stoutly opposed partition and saw Indian Muslims as the country’s second majority.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of the Aligarh Muslim University and father of the Muslim modernity project, called Hindus and Muslims “two eyes” of the nation – that is, equal and second to none.

Heptulla was unwise to say what she did because as part of a BJP-led NDA ministry she will be seen as representing the regime’s views rather than her own personal ones. In the context of deep Muslim suspicions about a Modi government, the statement is unlikely to set perceptional issues about the BJP at rest.

via Muslims are not a minority: Najma’s right, timing is wrong | Firstpost.


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